Singing lessons

I can’t sing… I was told to mime in the school choir… I would love to learn to sing but I’m tone deaf…

People come to me with so many reasons for thinking they are not able to sing. But singing is part of human nature; scientists say that it probably even predated the development of spoken language – so there is no reason for anyone to think they can’t do it!

Singing is a joy. It’s therapeutic; physically and emotionally. Working with your voice and breath can be of huge benefit to people with asthma and other respiratory problems such as COPD. When you sing, you also lower your cortisol levels, making your immune system more efficient and enhancing your mood. So it’s got to be good!

verwood dorset bournemouth singing teacherI started learning about the voice through studying the Estill Model and taking ABRSM exams, but teaching is where I have learned the most. I’ve been working with voices for over fifteen years, offering singing lessons at all levels from complete beginners to experienced professionals. Every single student is different, and for this reason I never take a standard approach to teaching. I make each lesson plan personal to the individual, depending what they need.

If you are interested in exploring what your voice can do please give me a call to arrange an introductory session.


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